Welcome to the San Clemente Library, the resource centre for the school. The collection includes books, audiobooks, ebooks and online videos. Students use the computers to access the library catalogue as well as the internet. The library service and the systems for accessing information support and enhance teaching and student learning, as well as satisfying social, recreational and cultural needs.

eBooks and Audiobooks


With the Sora reading app students can access the Australian Catholic Education Network (ACEN) library, and enjoy eBooks and Audiobooks on any device! 

You can borrow both eBooks and Audiobooks with the Sora app or at on a computer.


Here are step by step instructions on how to borrow from Sora on your mobile phone or laptop.

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 On Computer



This is a quick guide for signing in to our ACEN Member Collection Library:

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And more help is on the Sora website here

Searching for books in the Library

The resources in the Library can be searched here.

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Watching videos on ClickView

Videos from the ClickView collection can be viewed using ClickView Online, using your school login details.



Here are step by step instructions on how to watch ClickView videos on your mobile phone or laptop.





Referencing - what it is and how to do it

Activities to practice referencing - practice your referencing skills with these activities from the University of Sydney

Cite this for me is a web site that quickly and easily gives references for websites and books just by pasting in the URL or ISBN



Smartcopying is the official guide to copyright issues for Australian Schools and TAFE.  It is produced by the National Copyright Unit.

Buying a new device? Follow these steps:

How to set up your device

Assistance with devices is available in the Library during break time.