Mathematics is one of the most vital components of a child’s education. At San Clemente High School, Mathematics is graded across all years, in which students are placed in a class reflective of their ability. This enables high-achieving students to be further challenged, while giving struggling students more access to the necessary help required to further improve.

Throughout Years 7 and 8, students learn the basic mathematical operations of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. This aids them across all other topic areas of the Stage 4 Syllabus, including Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and Algebra. Students also learn a wide range of skills related to measurement and space, such as finding the area and volume of shapes and solids, and discovering various properties relating to triangles and quadrilaterals. 

These skills are built upon in the Stage 5 Syllabus, in which students in both Years 9 and 10 use mathematical reasoning to explore previously taught concepts in greater depth. Topics such as Financial Mathematics also enable students to develop crucial skills that they can utilise outside of the classroom and in the real-world.

The mathematics faculty promotes the use of technology in the study of Mathematics wherever possible. The increasing use of technology has been proven to provide fantastic benefits in the teaching of Mathematics. For example, the use of 3D visual representations has an enormous benefit in the topics of Planes and Solid Shapes, while interactive activities engage students and allow them to visualise Mathematics in an interesting and intriguing way. It is hoped that teachers and students continue to utilise technology both inside the classroom and at home as it is an extremely powerful learning tool.


Mathematics Leader of Learning


Helen Wilks 2021  


Helen Wilks

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