Teaching and Learning

At San Clemente High School, we are committed to developing a genuine love of learning in our students. Our young people today belong to an ever-changing world and it is important that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and capacity to be successful learners. Our vision is to develop confident and independent students who are lifelong learners, problem solvers, and collaborative, critical and creative thinkers. Data and current research informs best practice and best practice drives teaching and learning at San Clemente. We capture data on the learning of all students so that we can best personalise learning and support every student, whether that be to provide extra learning support or extend students in areas of giftedness. We are committed to supporting every student achieve their personal best whatever that may look like for each individual.

As a Dominican school we are influenced by the educational work and philosophies of Dominican scholars such as Thomas Aquinas and St Catherine of Siena. San Clemente also draws on the work of contemporary educational theorists such as: John Hattie (Visible Learning and Visible Teaching) and Lyn Sharrat (Instructional Walks). Teaching and Learning at San Clemente is visible, measured and continually evaluated so that students may achieve optimum academic success. Teaching and Learning at San Clemente is vibrant, inclusive, supportive, welcoming and a pillar that defines the community.



Emma Tierney


Mrs Emma Tierney 

Assistant Principal
(Teaching and Learning)

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