Wellbeing Team

Student Coordinators

Michael Quinn
(Year 7 Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement 2022)

2022 Michael QuinnMichael is a Science teacher who has taught across several faculties and is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in Special and Inclusive Education. Michael brings a patient and measured approach to student learning and wellbeing, supported by the Positive Education framework. His aim is to ensure that all students feel comfortable and confident enough to fully access their opportunities in learning and personal growth. 




Kate Tolfree
(Year 8 Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement 2022)

2016 Kate Tolfree

Kate began teaching at San Clemente in 2011. She brings much experience to her role as Student Coordinator, having worked in a number of diocesan schools in different capacities in Middle Management, including both pastoral and curriculum areas. Kate is a teacher of both PDHPE and Religious Studies and she has also had experience in HSIE and Food Technology. Kate’s relational style of leadership, with a focus on proactive individual care, along with a keen a sense of humour, is well received by students. Her strong personal family values clearly translate to the way in which she fulfils the responsibilities of the role. Kate’s warm, nurturing and approachable demeanour ensures the students in her care are often seeking her company and support.



Patrick Doyle
(Year 9 Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement 2022)

2016 Patrick DoylePatrick is a HSIE teacher who began at San Clemente in 2007. He is currently in his 23rd year of teaching with experience both in Australia and abroad where he spent time involved in special needs and behaviour management. His attributes as a Student Coordinator are enhanced by his past experiences in leading the HSIE faculty at the school; therefore he demonstrates a high level of both academic and pastoral care for students. Patrick enjoys contributing to various aspects of school life, including the Ministry Team, Retreats and Camps, coaching sport and also his organisation of various school fundraising events. His active and energetic style of leadership means that he is often present with the students, seen daily talking and interacting with them during break times in the school day. Patrick sets high expectations for his year group and he is a well-respected Coordinator who has a very good knowledge of the students in his care.

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Mitch Allan
(Year 10 Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement 2022)

MitchI have the pleasure of being the Year 10 Coordinator for 2022. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the Year 7 students as part of the San Clemente Wellbeing team. 

I am very proud to work at San Clemente and to be part of such a caring, active and connected community.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with the students within the Positive Education framework. We aim to continue being active and connecting with our community.

I am really excited and looking forward to working with you during 2022.

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Mr Nathan Beckett (Assistant Principal - Wellbeing)

2016 Nathan Beckett

Nathan is a PDHPE and Religious Studies teacher who has been at San Clemente since 2002. He has a strong philosophy of student advocacy and a passion for the pastoral care of young people. Nathan has been a Student Coordinator for the past 9 years and is a dynamic and innovative member of the Pastoral Care Team. He also contributes to the school through regular involvement in the Ministry Team, Retreat Facilitator and the coaching of various sports. Furthermore, he has assisted in developing and enhancing the school’s student leadership structure.  Nathan is devoted to the overall wellbeing of the students and this, coupled with a keen sense of humour, has allowed him to develop a great rapport with them. His extensive pastoral experience has given him a thorough knowledge of the effective management of significant adolescent issues. 

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Mentor groups

Year 7
Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement - Michael Quinn
Mentor                               Name of group  House colour
Narelle McInnes 7 Aquino 1  
Jordyn Hiles Calaroga 1  
Elizabeth Lemmon Castile 1  
Anastasia Griggs Castile 2  
Jake Schmidt 7 Sienna 1  
Penelope Cook 7 Sienna 2  


Year 8
Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement - Kate Tolfree
Mentor Name of group  House colour
Helen Wilks 8 Aquino 1  
Katie De Bock                    8 Aquino 2  
Joanna Godden 8 Calaroga 1  
Kate James                   8 Calaroga 2  
Ashley Ruddy 8 Castile 1
Elise Carter 8 Sienna 1  


Year 9
Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement - Patrick Doyle
Mentor                                   Name of group  House colour
Tatiana Tinlin Aquino 1  
Timothy Braunton Aquino 2  
Ryan Kooyman Calaroga 1  
Alyssa Blackwell Calaroga 2
Sarah James Castile 1  
Riley Warren Castile 2  
Brenda Holmes/Meredith MacDonald Sienna 1  
Sheridan Pruteanu Sienna 2   


Year 10
Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement - Mitch Allan
Mentor                                    Name of group  House colour
Desley Sharman 10 Aquino 1  
Emma McCarthy 10 Aquino 2  
Christine Brown 10 Calaroga 1  
Chelsea Iddon 10 Calaroga 2  
Michael Flanagan 10 Castile 1  
Simon Watt 10 Castile 2  
Vanessa Peterson 10 Sienna 1  
Julia Nolan 10 Sienna 2   



Counselling Support

Ms Jenny Morris (School Psychologist)