Positive Education

San Clemente is a Positive Education School. A school that is not focused solely on teaching traditional skills, but one that teaches students skills that will help them to lead a flourishing life.  

What is Positive Education?

Based in the science of Positive Psychology, Positive Education combines best practice teaching with an emphasis on the whole student. It encourages and supports individuals, schools and communities to thrive.

We live Positive Education through a variety of avenues.

whole school approach where these positive education skills, including the five ways of wellbeing and the common language, are part of every lesson, liturgy, assembly, retreat and school camp. At lunchtime, recess, between lessons and travelling to and from school, students and staff are encouraged to live these messages: all day, every day. We expect that you will see this reflected in your home life.  

Mentor sessions, that run across all year levels, where students are encouraged to identify and work with their own strengths and identify strengths in others. Relationships that empower students are encouraged, communication skills are enriched and solid connections are formed. Concepts such as mindfulness, hope and optimism, authenticity, resilience and emotional and social intelligence are taught in a considered way that engages students. 

A focus on staff and student care, where all members of the school community are encouraged to embrace the five ways of wellbeing - 'connect', 'keep learning', 'take notice', 'give' and 'be active' in both their professional and personal lives. Throughout the year all will be asked to take notice of others within our community and express gratitude for everyday blessings.  

house system that provides students with the opportunity to actively connect with their community across a range of competitive activities. The house system, with an annual battle for the Tony Kelly Cup, sees students work to their strengths, competing in Maths competitions, Visual Arts challenges, performance opportunities, debating, Science competitions, lunchtime sport competitions, talent and cooking challenges, Athletics and Swimming carnivals and the collection of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.