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Cross-Curricular Sydney Excursion

Cross-Curricular Sydney Excursion

Elective History - Information Software Tech - Commerce - Design and Tech

This week students in Stage 5 Elective History, Information Software and Technology (IST), Commerce and Design and Technology spent two days in Sydney exploring various museums, Parliament House and participating in workshops to enhance their learning in their subject areas.

A highlight for students was their visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum, where students participated in a guided tour of the museum, an insightful behind the scenes workshop with the creators of the project and a workshop looking at historical perspectives and propaganda artefacts. IST students were intrigued by the machine learning and AI technology used to create an interactive experience due to the extensive worldwide database that store survivors’ stories.

Cain – “It is cool that they are using natural language (coding language) and the fact that they have such a large database of answers”.

Will – “I thought it was very intriguing”.

Design and Technology students visited the Whitehouse Institute of Design and participated in a paper dress workshop. Students created fashion forward structures on miniature wooden models. The students learnt print design and placement, current and traditional silhouettes and how to develop ideas for fashion design.

Rose – “I loved this excursion,  I’ve never felt more alive it incorporated history, fun, creativity and sightseeing.”

Hannah – “We had a great time – it was invigorating and riveting”

On the second day students visited the Sydney Museum, Parliament House and Billy Blue School of Design. Commerce students visited Parliament House. They learnt about the day to day running of the operational procedures of NSW Parliament  through collaborative role play.