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Blanket Project

Blanket Project

Crocheting for a cause

In Term 3 students and staff at SCM joined together to complete a Blanket Project.  Each member of the team crocheted a square to contribute to the finished product.  For some, this was a totally new skill, while others rekindled their enjoyment of the traditional art.

It was decided that the blanket would be donated to Jenny's Place which gives aid to women and children fleeing from domestic violence.  We were presented with a certificate of appreciation by Donna George, the Community Relations Co-ordinator for the organisation.  Donna also spoke to students about the work of Jenny's Place.

Pictured are representatives from Jenny's Place along with students Rahaf A, Frankie L, Lilly P and Faith D with Mrs Holmes.  Also involved were Amaya J (student) and staff members Mrs McInnes, Mrs Mathews, Miss Cain, Miss Frazer, Mrs Harper and Mrs Foley's mum(!).

We hope to start a new project in Term 4 to be completed by Christmas.  Anyone interested in taking part should contact Mrs Holmes.  

Brenda Holmes, English Teacher