A list of the Directresses of Studies / Principals of San Clemente High School from 1917 to the present.


1917 Mother M. Concepta O'Donohoe (OP) - With 2 other sisters established the Convent and Primary School at Bull Street

Concepta Small 

The first community of Dominican nuns at San Clemente

M.M. Concepta O'Donohoe
S.M. Bernadine Kickham *
S.M. Bonaventure Lamond
S.M. Winifred Keating
(*S.M. Bernadine Kickham was presumably  visiting at the time this was taken)

 First Nuns

"The old days in Mayfield"

M.M. Concepta O'Donohoe and 
her brother Father O'Donohoe


1920 Mother M. Rosario Carey (OP)

1924 Mother M. Teresa Carey (OP) - The Secondary School began.

1925-27 Mother M. Borgia Diamond (OP)

1928-29 Mother M. Madeleine Egan (OP) - Extensions

1930-33 Mother M. Rosario Carey (OP)

1934-35 Mother M. St. James Miller (OP)

1936-37 Mother M. Magdalen Christie (OP)

1938-41 Mother M. Imelda McMahon (OP) - In 1941, MM Imelda broke her leg and Sr M St Peter Cunningham replaced her in the school.

1942 Sr M St. Bernard Sparke (OP)

1943 Sr M. St. Jude Loneragan (OP)

1944 Sr M Madeleine Egan (OP)

1945-52 Sr M Helena Walsh (OP)

1953-55 Sr M Caterina Heffernan (OP)

1956-64 Sr Diana Mary Maher (OP)

1965-66 Sr M Helena Walsh (OP) - In 1966 at some stage, Sr Alphonse Marie MacKinlay

1967 Sr M Austin Luzby (OP) - Current name - Sr. Elizabeth Luzby

1968-71 Sr Bernadette O'Brien (OP)

1972-76 Sr Philippa Jones  (OP) 

1977 Mr R Slattery 



1978-83 Mr RL Kelly

1978 Mr Rl Kelly Cropped 



1983-85 Mr Anthony J Peart

1983 Aj Peart



1985-88 Sr Marie Boland RSJ

1985 Marie Boland



1989-92 Mr KJ Walkling                                             

1989 Kj Walkling



1993-2003  Mr Anthony J Peart

1993 AJ Peart


2004-2012 Mr Anthony Kelly

2004 A Kelly



2013 Mr Keiran Williamson

(Acting Principal during the time Mr Kelly was Acting Principal at St Clare's High School in Taree)

2013 Keiran Williamson



2014-2015 Mr Anthony Kelly

Kelly Tony 2015



2016-2018 Mr Scott Donohoe

(Acting Principal in 2016 and 2017 while Mr Kelly was Acting Assistant Director of Schools at the Catholic Schools Office, both roles became permanent in 2018)

 Scott Donohoe


2019-   Mr Bernard Burgess

 2019 Burgess Bernard