2020 Renovations

The façade of the school was repaired in 2020.

Façade repairs


The original building dates back to the 1920s, and was officially opened in 1929. 

Before 1938


The school in the late 1930s, before 1938, when the statue of St. Clement was erected. This photograph shows the newly planted palm trees which are still a prominent feature of the front of the school.

1938 The Dominican Erection Of Statue Link

1938 article in The Dominican 

"The niche above the door no longer yawns untenanted, being now provided with a life-sized statue of St Clement, the generous gift of dear Father O'Gorman...Deep cream in colour, the medium is Hawkesbury Sandstone, guaranteed to stand the sternest test of time and weather...(St Clement) wears an expression both grave and paternal...May his generous influence rain down on those whose lines are cast within the precincts of San Clemente."

 Img 0027





The front of the school showing the statue of St. Clement


(this photograph was taken in 1964, San Clemente Archives)