2015 House launch

In 2015, a new House System was introduced at our school.  Mentor Groups and Houses have been designed so that students will remain with the same group, Mentor and House for their time at San Clemente.  

Apart from the swimming and athletics carnivals, students will gain points for their house by participating in a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities, such as the maths competition, musical performances at assemblies, mock trial and debating.  “Points blitzes” will also occur 2-3 times a term for a whole week where Mentors recognise students for positively contributing to school life (e.g. uniform, attendance, attitude etc.) by giving merits, accumulating to bronze, silver and gold awards and points for their House. 

Additionally, a lunchtime sport competition will run each term, starting next week with the junior (Years 7/8 mixed) competition in Touch Footy on Tuesdays and senior (Years 9/10 mixed) competition in Volleyball on Thursdays.  The winner of each competition will have the opportunity to compete against a currently undefeated Staff team in the last week of term. 

At the end of the year, points will be tallied and the winning House will be presented with the prestigious “Tony Kelly Cup” and a reward day to recognise their success. Regular updates will be communicated via the newsletter throughout the year.

Good luck Aquino, Calaroga, Castile and Sienna.

Mr Nick Marsh