2008 Building Stage 1

2016 Site Map New Buildings

After the plans were passed by council at the end of 2007, preparations began for the building.  Over the 2007 Christmas holiday, the demountables P1, P2 (PDHPE classrooms) and P3 (the Art room)  were removed, and the sites cleared.  The plans can be seen here.

The buildings consist of:

Building A (bordering Havelock St, the site of the old P3)
Ground floor - Library, Information technology room, Art classroom, Art store. 
First floor - Two Technical and applied science rooms, General classroom.

PowerPoint of the building of the Library - Building A ground floor

PowerPoint of the building of the Art and Information Technology rooms - Building A ground floor

Building A


Building B (near the playground, the site of the old P1 and P2) 
Ground floor - Two Music rooms, Music store room/Computer room, Three Music practice rooms, Sports store, Garden store.
First floor - Two General purpose classrooms and a store. 

Building B