2007 Planned extension

Here are copies of the plans of the building and renovations that were done from 2007 to 2010.  They were drawn up by Carste Studio, and were designed to enhance the historic and heritage features of the school.

Combined Elevation

The Heritage and Environmental impact report that accompanied the Development application

Below are the plans of the proposed buildings and renovations.  The images are scans of the plans, without much detail.  There are links to the PDF files provided by the architects, which are much larger.



Combined elevation and site plan 



A01 Combined Elevation And Site Plan

Building A ground floor plan - Library, Information technology room, Art classroom, Art store. 


 A02 Building A

Building A first floor plan - Two Technical and applied science rooms, General classroom. 


 A03 Building A First Floor

Building A elevations 


 A04 Building A Elevations

Building B ground floor and first floor plans and elevations:
Ground floor plans - Two Music rooms, Music store room/Computer room, Three Music practice rooms, Sports store, Garden store.
First floor plans - Two General purpose classrooms and a store. 


 A05 Building B Ground And First Floor Plans Elevations

Ground floor refurbishments 


 A06 Ground Floor Refurbishments

First floor refurbishments


 A07 First Floor Refurbishments

Site plan showing new buildings in black, Building A and B elevations, Building A and B ground floor plans.


 A08 Site Plan


Here are the plans of the building as it was in 2007.

Ground floor plan                                              


Ground Floor Plan

First floor plan                                    


First Floor Plan