1982 Extensions

In 1980, as part of the restructuring of Catholic Education in the Diocese, the decision was made to make San Clemente co-educational.  The first boys were enrolled in 1983 in Year 7.

There was extensive building and renovations to accommodate the growing school population. The music rooms, amenities and laundry were demolished, as well as the stairway up to the attic where the Boarders' dressing rooms were. The attic was closed off from the rest of the school. From 1982 to 1982 Stage I of building saw the completion of Home Science, Science, Technics and general purpose classrooms.

Between 1984 and 1985, four additional general purpose classrooms were completed in Stage II, the first floor on top of the Technics rooms, rooms D4 to D7.

On 26 May 1985, there was a Blessing and Opening of Stages I and II by Bishop Leo Clarke.
(The Blessing and Opening of the School Extensions by His Lordship Bishop Leo Clarke, 26th May 1985.)

b 1982 April School Reconstruction Link


An article on the announcement of the new buildings and refurbishments, detailing the additions

Catholic Education Reporter, April 1982

 e 1982 May Catholic Education Reporter New Buildings And Plan Link


"San Clemente goes co-educational, building work begins"

Catholic Education Reporter, May 1982

 h 1982 Dec Link


"Projects close to completion"

Catholic Education Reporter, December 1982

Photographs taken in 1982, before the construction began 
 01 1982 01


The front of the school - no driveway and car park

 01 1982 Front Of School  01 1982 Front Of School Showing Library
 01 1982 Of School From Western End

 02 1982 Front


Above : the front of the school from the Catholic Education Reporter, April 1982


Left : the front of the school showing the Library in the foreground

03 1982 1 Back Of School Showing Music And Amenities Wing


The back of the school, showing the wing that was demolished.

It consisted of music rooms, amenities and laundry on the ground floor, and amenities for the boarders on the second floor.

The field in front of the building became the quadrangle.

04 1982 2 Showing Music And Amenities Wing


The music, laundry and amenities wing

 05 1982 Hockey Field Back Of School Petes Old Shed


The music wing from the other side, showing the hockey field and "Pete's old shed", which was used as the Art Room

06 1982 Old Art Room And Attic

This is the Art Room. After trams were discontinued in Newcastle in 1950, a tram was purchased to act as the Art room, in the same location. There is currently no information about when it was replaced by this shed.

To the left is the tall stairwell to the top level, the boarder's dressing room. "The top floor consists of a dressing-room, 80ft by 20ft, fitted with marble –topped dressing tables, and presses for the children’s use."


07 1 1982 Alterations


The alterations beginnng at the front of the school.