1974 St Columban's Golden Jubilee

St Columban's Church stands adjacent to the San Clemente grounds. The original building served as school and church, the building in the brochure below was opened in 1940.

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St Columban's Mayfield

Golden Jubilee Mass
23rd November 1974

1974TimelinesmallSaint Columban's Parish, Mayfield 


1887 Monastery and later Monastery church - Mass centre for people of Mayfield.

1917 Parochial School established from Waratah in Kerr Street Mayfield under care of Dominican Sisters.

1920 Parochial School transferred to present site under title of San Clemente.

1922 St. Joseph's Church Hall established in Church Street.

1924 Present Parish established with Father Patrick McCormack as first Parish Priest.

1926 First part of St. Columban's School and later School Church; extended several times as School and School Church.

1933 Establishment of Murray-Dwyer Orphanage at Mayfield West.

1937 Rev. Father James McNamara appointed as Parish Priest when Father McCormack transferred to Singleton.

1937 Establishment of St. John the Baptist Church in Hanbury Street. (Snake-Gully).

1939 Purchase of present Presbytery to enable removal of old Presbytery to make way for building of new Church.

1940 St. Columban's Church Blessed and Opened by late Bishop Edmund Gleeson, C.Ss.R.

1946 Opening of "St. Joseph's Home for the Aged" at Sandgate at the time part of Mayfield Parish.

1949 Shortland including Hexham established. from Mayfield to form a new parish under the title of Our Lady of Victories.

1952 Purchase of site and erection of Church School of Sancta Maria Goretti, Mayfield West.

1955 Mayfield West Parish established from Mayfield to form new Parish of Christ-the-King.

1956 Opening of large extensions to St. Columban's School; Father MacNamara's untimely death preceding opening by only few weeks.

1956 Appointment of Rev. Father Withnell as new Parish Priest.

1958 Introduction of Direct Giving Programme.

1965 Anzac Memorial built to commemorate the fiftieth year of Gallipoli Landing.

1971 Refurbishing of Church to accommodate new Liturgy introduced by Second Vatican Council and Consecration of Altar by Most Rev. Bishop J. Toohey, on November 23rd, feast of St. Columban and St. Clement.


The Church was used until 2017, when it was declared unsafe.