1960s Photographs

Prior to 1966, San Clemente covered the whole range of Secondary Schooling from 1st Year through the Intermediate Certificate in 3rd Year, to the Leaving Certificate in 5th Year. When St. Anne's High School was established, San Clemente became a Junior Secondary school.  

(The Blessing and Opening of the School Extensions by His Lordship Bishop Leo Clarke, 26th May 1985.  1985.)

In 1966 St Anne’s High School, a senior school for girls, opened at 32 Union Street Newcastle.  In 1967 St Anne’s moved to premises adjacent to St Pius X in Adamstown, the boys' secondary school.  From 1967 to 1983, the senior boys from St Pius shared some classes with the girls in the senior school.  After this St Pius became a coeducational junior secondary school, and all the senior students went to St. Francis Xavier’s College in Hamilton.

These photographs were taken by Roslyn McGovern and her sister between 1960 and 1964.

Save0005 Small


SM Alanus Ryan
MM Dominica Conaghan
SM Agnes (Margaret) Gannon


 Save0016 Small


S Diana Mary Maher


 Save0017 Small


MM Dominica Conaghan



 Save0025 Small


SM Agnes (Margaret) Gannon


 Save0024 Small  

SM Carmel Dawson
SM Alanus Ryan
SM Marie Immaculee (Mary) Campion
SM Agnes (Margaret) Gannon
SM Rose Columba Carter
MM Dominica Conaghan



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Here are more photographs and newspaper articles from the 1960s.

1960 Leaving Results Small


Leaving results, January 1960

Iringo Szabo, Helen Jobson, Colleen Campbell

1960 Thea Quain Nee Waanders At Beach


Fifth Year students celebrated the end of High School with a beach outing in 1960.
Patricia Hinchey and Thea Waanders seen here with the Dominican crest they made using black and white stones found on the beach.

St Patrick Small

"Happy smiles on St. Patrick's day.

"A happy group from St Clemente Convent school, Mayfield, sets out by train for the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Maitland.  5,000 schoolchildren led by His Lordship, Bishop J. Toohey, in an open car"(The Newcastle and Maitland Catholic Sentinel, 1/4/1962)
Front row: Marilyn Philips, Sue Moir, Wanda
Back: Roslyn McGovern, __, Virginia Dick

1960 Astrid 1St Yr



Astrid Hartcher (nee Waanders) in 1st Year (Yr 7)


 1960 Astrid 1St Yr Thea 5Th Yr



Astrid Waanders (1st Year) with her sister Thea (5th Year)


1960 Astrid And Thea With Their Mother Lien


Astrid and Thea with their mother Lien Waanders


1960 Thea 5Th Yr Astrid 1St Yr



Thea Waanders (5th Year) and her sister Astrid (1st Year)


1960 Janina Kik Nee Lukaszewski 1



Janina Kik (nee Lukaszewski)

2nd Year (Yr 8)


1960 Janina Kik Nee Lukaszewski 2



Janina Kik (nee Lukaszewski)


1960 Janina Kik Nee Lukaszewski Award



Award for Christian Doctrine given to Janina Kik (nee Lukaszewski) 


1961 Receipt For Tuition Page 1



Receipt for Tuition for Janina Kik (nee Lukaszewski)

This covers the period from February to May 1961, one of the three school terms.

Basic tuition was 7 Pounds 11 Shillings, and Janina did Typing as an Extra for 1 Pound 1 Shilling.

The other extras were Piano, Violin, Dressmaking, Elocution, Private singing and Physical culture.


1961 Reference For Janina Kik Lukaszewski



Reference For Janina Kik (nee Lukaszewski)


1962 Astrid 3Rd Yr


Astrid Hartcher (nee Waanders) in 3rd Year, the Intermediate Certificate year (Yr 9)


1962 Astrid 3Rd Yr Summer Uniform



Astrid Hartcher (nee Waanders) in 3rd Year, wearing summer uniform of sage green over a white blouse.


 1962 Astrid Maroon Uniform



Astrid Hartcher (nee Waanders) in Maroon tunic with her parents and sister Thea in the background


1963Award Small


High award for Mayfield girl

(The Newcastle and Maitland Catholic Sentinel, 1/4/1963)

1964 2


In front of the Grotto


1964 3

Two pupils in summer uniform with V neck and pockets, two in sports uniform with box pleats.

In the background the tennis court, and behind that the covered way (in an L shape) between San Clemente and St Columban's, back right.



1964 Front Of School



The front of the school



Science teachers finish a 4 day intensive biology study under Dr G.R. Meyer of Sydney University School of Biological Science.  Checking specimens found on the trip to Blackbutt Reserve, 

September 1964.

1964 4

Practising marching, 1964

Front row: Annette Day, Cathy Gatt, Georgina Oberland, Carol Payne, Celia Short
Second row: Sandra Fines, Janine Laybutt
Third row: Frances Pollock, Robyn Meek
Back row: __, Kathy Lawrence, __, Sharon Mowbary, Ros McGovern, Barbara Kalachiniski, Sophie?

 1965 Maura Campbell Small


Maure Campbell - Profession with her mother Mary Campbell and sister Colleen Campbell


1956Medal Small


Class wins medal

Mother Mary Agnes, Prioress of San Clemente Dominican Convent, receives from Miss Ann Feneley, of Cook's Hill a medal won by the school's second-year girls for choral speech examinations.  Miss Feneley made the presentation on behalf of the Trinity College of Music, London, for the highest pass in N.S.W.  The students in the photograph are Kim Conlan, Maureen Tierney, Susan Howell and Lorraine Moylan.

(Newcastle Morning Herald and Miner's Advocate.  28 October, 1965)

 1967 Pic Of Nuns And Girls


Students studying 

in Centenary of the Dominican Sisters, 1967

1967 Year 7 Jenny Crichton


1st Year (Yr 7) students including Jenny Crichton


 1968 Christmas Party Small  


Christmas party St Columban's 1968(?)

Fr B. McCosker with Michael Gallagher 
Jim Campbell as Santa Claus
Sr Lucia in background


Opening of San Clemente School year 

(source unknown, 1968) 

At the induction of prefects at San Clemente School, Mayfield, are the school's Principal (Mother Mary Agnes), school captain (Barbara Norley) at centre, and Anne Kish (a prefect).

A special Mass in honour of the Holy Spirit was celebrated in St. Columban's Church, Mayfield, to mark the beginning of the school year at San Clemente. 


1968 Sr Gay Howard And Sr Colleen Therese



Sister Gay Howard and Sister Colleen Therese with students at the side of the school, walking past the Chapel.


1969 1A


Form 1A


1969 1B


Form 1B


1969 Form 3B


Form 3B with Sister Agatha


1969 Form 4


Form 4


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