1950s photographs

Some photographs and newspaper articles from the 1950s.

"In 1955, flooded students of Maitland were billeted at San Clemente for 2 months." 
(The Blessing and Opening of the School Extensions by His Lordship Bishop Leo Clarke, 26th May 1985.)

"At San Clemente young ladies wore hats and gloves even when riding their bikes to school."
Memories of the '50s by Mrs Helen Elliot (nee Ferry)

 Side Of School Small


Side view of school showing 1948 extensions, taken in the 1950s

 Sports Field Small


A view of the sports field, with St Columban's Church on the left and the cottage on the right.




Pasture at San Clemente, 1950s




The school viewed from Crebert St in the 1950s.






The grotto 

The Grotto along with other amenities was provided by MM Concepta's brother, Father O'Donohoe

(San Clemente Dominican Convent Mayfield School Report, 1958)



The grotto and the front grounds of the school

Mother Concepta



"On August 8th, Mother Prioress General celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her Profession. San Clemente in common with other Dominican Schools sent representatives to participate in the festivities at Santa Sabina. As Mother Mary Concepta was the foundress of San Clemente we felt we had special cause for rejoicing on this happy occasion."

(The Dominican, 1951)

1950 Beulah Bendich Barrat Floral Float Mayfield Queen

The Mayfield Jubilee in 1950 caused great excitement, and the Sisters and students of St Columbanus and San Clemente worked together with volunteers to build a floral swan float.

"over 5000 paper flowers were made and individually tied to the framework"

(Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations, The Newcastle and Maitland Catholic Sentinel, 1 November 1950) 

 1944 Float


The swan won the prize for the best decorated float in the Mayfield procession during the Carnival week of 1950

 1950 Mayfield Jubilee Crowning Ceremony Link


The Mayfield Parochial Parents and friends Association entered Miss Beulah Bendeich, a San Clemente pupil, in the Jubilee Queen Competition and she won "by a very narrow margin"

(Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations, The Newcastle and Maitland Catholic Sentinel, 1 November 1950) 


1950 Queen Candidates Link


Miss Beulah Bendeich won the Queen Competition against eight other entrants 

 1950 Hanbury Street Small


St John the Baptist Church/School, Hanbury Street ("Snake Gully") 1950

This was an Infants school, built in 1937. Sisters from San Clemente Convent travelled there daily by taxi to teach the students. The children then progressed to Primary at St Columbanus.

(Sr. June Peck, pers. comm. 2017)


1951 Whole School


The whole school, 1951

There are 111 students in the photograph


St Patrick's day march, 1951

"There is generally something about a Mayfield girl - whether or not she excels in study or sport is of relatively little import. She is characterized by an enthusiasm, a determination to succeed, and above all by a loyalty, which is not often encountered"

(The Dominican, 1952)

1950 St Patricks March


Another copy of the St Patrick's photo

1952 Barbara Coleman Margaret Connors Judy Ringland



Barbara Coleman, Margaret Connors and Judy Ringland playing tennis in 1952

1952 Health Week March Newcastle


The students participating in the Health Week March in Newcastle, 1952

1952 Judy Bourke Kathryn Grayson Anne Ringland Pam Fitzgerald Barbara Mcancliffe



Judy Bourke, Kathryn Grayson, Anne Ringland, Pam Fitzgerald and Barbara McAncliffe at the front of the school, 1952

1953 January Ycs Summer School


Young Christian's Society Summer School, January 1953

 1953 Reunion Small

1953 reunion on front lawn

Left to right : Claire Donovan, Sr Josephine, Mary Dooley, Maureen Hayler, Mary Lawrence, Joan Stokes, Barbara Date

 "God be in my head
God be in my understanding..."

(The Dominican, 1953)

1954 Lidy Waanders 6Th Class Off To Boarding School


Lidy Waanders boarded at San Clemente while attending St Columbanus. Here she is in 6th Class, with her suitcases ready to leave for boarding school.

"Our 1954 activities so far include participation in the Children's Display at the Showground in honour of the Queen where we were privileged to obtain a close view of that gracious and lovely lady"

(The Dominican, 1954)

1954 Lidy Waanders 6Th Class Thea Astrid 1St Communion John 12


Lidy Waanders (6th Class at St Columbanus) with her siblings Thea, Astrid and John, on the occasion of Astrid's First Communion


1954 St Columbanus Lidy Waanders 6Th Class 3Rd Row 7Th From Left


St Columbanus, 6th Class 

Lidy Waanders is in the 3rd row 7th from left


1955 1St Year In Serge Uniform


1st Year San Clemente students in their winter serge box pleat uniforms, the two in the centre in apple green box pleat sports uniform

Judith Laughlin (nee McDonald) 
second from left in the front row


1955 2Nd Year Small


2nd Year students


 1955 Jann Mulhearn Small


2nd Year students

Top row : Jann Mulhearn, Colleen Campbell, Pat Gibbs

Front row : Anne O'Sullivan, Yvonne Burnog, Julie Smith



1955 3Rd Yr Intermediate Certificate Class

3rd Year (Year 9) Intermediate Certificate class
Back row: Elizabeth Dudgeon, Yvonne Wade, Robyn Hockey, Judy Ryan, Ann Small Middle: Mary Petherbridge, Kathleen Dunlop, Patricia March, Roslyn Bradley, Coralie Clarke, Janice Wall, Erna Vlarda Seated: Beverly Sessions, Maria Ball, Elizabeth Kovacs, Nevis Monego, Dana Squadas(?), Caroline Bergin Front: Marcia Jobber(?), Patricia Felton, Margaret-Ann Smee


1955 Carmel White 1St Yr In School Summer Uniform


Carmel White in 1st Year, wearing the summer uniform - this was sage green, with a V neck and no pleats.


1955 Maybe Redcliff Basketball Team


Redcliff Basketball Team, in their apple green box pleated sports uniform


1955 Or 56 Cooking Class

The Home Science course started in 1944. This photograph is 1955 or 56 

Expansion of Activities
“The Home Science course begun this year at San Clemente is proving not only useful, but also most popular… Great enthusiasm is shown by the youthful cooks, who, in snow-white uniforms and caps, set about the creation of delicacies in a most businesslike manner…"
(The Dominican, 1944)

 1955 St Dominics Small


St Dominic's Dance 1955

Julie Smith, Pat Gibbs, Jann Mulhearn, Colleen Campbell, Sr Basil in background

1955 St Dominics Day Celebrations August 1St Yr Pupils Kathleen Wright Carmel White Pauline Mcgregor


St Dominics Day Celebrations 1955

1st Yr pupils - Kathleen Wright, Carmel White and Pauline McGregor


1955 Some 3Rd Yrs

A group of 3rd Year students

Back: Margaret Mary Smee, Marie Brady, Kathleen Dunlop

Front: Margarette Schultz, Anne Kane, Roslyn Bradley, Caroline Bergin, Maureen Magin



 1956 St Dominics Dance Julie Smith Small


St Dominic's Dance 1956

Julie Smith, Pat Gibbs, Colleen Campbell, Jann Mulhearn, Anne O'Sullivan, Yvonne Burnog

 1956 St Dominics Dance

St Dominic's Dance 1956

"The belles of St Trinnians"

Left to right:
Frances Fogarty, Mary Cunningham, Clarice Brown, Janet Brown, Joy Edwards, Patricia Coughlan, Carol Arnolli, Monica Peet looking on.

1956 Thea Quain Nee Waanders St Dominics Dance


St Dominic's Dance 1956

First Year students
Sandra?, Judith O'Neal, Jennifer Williams, Thea Waanders, Kathryn Hanes

1957 Fancy Dress Evening In St Columbans Hall


Fancy Dress evening in St Columban's Hall


1950S Sister M Agnes Margaret Gannon Sister M Christopher Janet Ryan Sports Day


Sister M Agnes (Margaret) Gannon, Sister M Christopher (Janet) Ryan on Sports Day

(either 1957, 58 or 59)

 1957 3Rd Year Small


3rd Year, 1957

Judith Laughlin (nee McDonald) third from right in the second row up

1957 Leaving Certificate Class


Leaving Certificate class, 1957

Back: Marie Brady, Nevis Monego, Elizabeth Kovacs, Genevieve Coughlan

Front: Ursula Kamenz, Caroline Bergin, Anne Kane, Roslyn Bradley

 1957 Prefects Small

Prefects, boarders and day pupils, 1957

Back: Carolyn Burgin, Constance Boland, Ursula Kamenz, Dagma Kamenz, Roslyn Bradley (Head Prefect), Anne Kane
Middle: Marie Brady, Genevieve Coughlan, Pat Gibbs, Jann Mulhearn
Front: Anne Loy, Frances Fogarty, Colleen Campbell.

1957 Members Of The Ycs

Members of the Y.C.S. (Young Christian Students) from 4th and 5th Year, 1957

Back: Row of 4th Year students - names unknown

Front: Marie Brady, Genevieve Coughlan, Anne Kane, Roslyn Bradley, Caroline Bergin, Unknown on grass

1957 Leaving Cert Girls


A group of Leaving Certificate girls, 1957

Back: Marie Brady, Genevieve Coughlan

Front: Anne Kane, Roslyn Bradley, Caroline Bergin


 1957 Group Small


Helen Jobson, Colleen Campbell, Pam Melville, Judith Laughlin (nee McDonald) and Judy Brindle


 1958 Shakespeare Day Small


"Shakespeare day" 1958

Sr Diana Mary surrounded by students

Far left top corner : Carmel White
Below : Thea Waanders
Right of Sr Diana Mary : Margaret Stratton
Behind Margaret Stratton : Kathleen Brooks
Behind Sr. Diana Mary : Pat Hinchey

 1958 Shakespeare Day 2 Small


"Shakespeare day" 1958

1958 Giggling Girls In A Sunny Spot Behind The Laundry


Giggling girls in a sunny spot behind the laundry


1958 Lidy Waanders



Lidy Waanders by Calvary


1958 Lidy Waanders At Fairy Dell



Lidy Waanders at Fairy Dell, the garden at the front of the school


 1958 Looking From Fairy Dell To Grotto


Looking from Fairy Dell towards the Grotto


1958 San Clemente


San Clemente


1958 Some Intermediate Pupils 3Rd Yr


Some Intermediate Pupils (Third Year, equivalent of Yr 9)





Catherine Quain and Lidy Waanders with the school banner


Lidy Waanders St Patricks Day March



Lidy Waanders marching in the St Patricks Day March in Maitland

1959 Lidy Waanders 5Th Yr Child Of Mary Medal



Lidy Waanders in Fifth Year, wearing her Child Of Mary Medal


1959 Lidy Waanders And Catherine Quain 5Th Yr



Lidy Waanders And Catherine Quain in Fifth Year


 Save0013 Small



SM Raphael (Carmel) Leavey

1959, taken by Roslyn McGovern and her sister

 1959 Redcliff Basketball Team Small


Redcliff Basketball team, 1959

Kathleen Brookes, Colleen Campbell, Janet Kachel, Frances Fogarty, Monica Peet, Anne Loy, Miranda Croke.

 1950Ish Redcliff Small


Redcliff Basketball team, date unknown

 1959 Ycs Small  Y.C.S. Leaders 1959

Back row: Catherine Quain, Colleen Campbell, Kathryn Hanes, Annette Hartcher

Front row: Sharon Summerville, Carmel White, Carolyn McGovern, Janice Bunting, Angela Williamson, Margaret Negline.

(The Australian YCS is a national movement run for, by and among secondary school students. YCS’ mission is to form active Christian leaders who are transforming the world around them.)

 1959 5Th Year Small


5th Year class at Recess, 1959

Back row: Colleen Campbell, Mary Cunningham, Pat Gibbs
Front row: Carol Arnolli, Patricia Coughlan, Helen Jorson

 1959 St Dominics Dance All Small  

St Dominic's dance 1959

Left to right: Colleen Campbell, Iringo Szabo, Pat Coughlan, Lidy Waanders, Margaret Negline, Carol Arnolli (as St. Dominic), Helen Jobson, Mary Cunningham, Pat Gibbs, Jan Cooper, Catherine Quain.

 1959 St Dominics Dance Small



St Dominic's dance 1959

Carol Arnolli as St. Dominic

 1959 St Dominics Dance Group Small  

St Dominic's dance 1959 5th Year class

Top row: Mary Cunningham, Carol Arnolli, Margaret Negline, Catherine Quain
Front row: Colleen Campbell, Frances Fogarty, Lidy Waanders, Helen Jobson, Joan Cooper, Pat Gibbs, Patricia Coughlan, Clarice Brown, Iringo Szabo.

 1959 Geography Group Small  

5th Year 1959 Geography excursion to Chichester Dam

Catherine Quain, Carol Arnolli, Mary Cunningham, Margaret Negline, Helen Jobson, Pat Gibbs.

 1959 Geography Small


5th Year 1959

Geography excursion to Chichister Dam.

1959 Prefect Badge 1


"My Prefect Badge

Donated to "San Clemente" Archives on the occasion of the 75th Celebration August 1995

Carmel White"

1959 and 1960

1950 Uniform List


Uniform list


 Swim Small



School swim champions

(source and date unknown)

 Orators Small



Top school orators

(source and date unknown)