Mayfield Jubilee, 1950

This is a booklet celebrating Mayfield's Jubilee:

50 Years of Progress: Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations 1900-1950 Souvenir Booklet

Excerpts from this booklet:

St Columbans Roman Catholic Church Small

Mayfield Churches.  St. Columban's Roman Catholic Church.

Mayfield was made a separate parish in 1924 under the care of Rev. P. C. McCormack.  In 1937 he was transferred to Singleton.  Associated with him were Ref. Fathers R. O'Moore (1930-31) and J. T. McNamara (1932-33).

The history of the progress of the Catholic Church in what is now known as Mayfield is interesting and extensive, dating back to 1838. In those far off days, Father Christopher Dowling and Father Rene Cusse and their successors, six or seven of whom are on record, administered to the scattered Catholics in this area until 1857 when the Redemptorist Monastery in Woodstock Street was opened and blessed by His Eminence, Cardinal Moran. This was on August 2, 1887. The first Superior of the
Order in Mayfield was Very Rev. Father Vaughan, a near relative of Cardinal Vaughan of Westminster and of Archbishop Vaughan of Sydney.

On April 15, 1917, the Dominican Sisters took up residence in a house bought from Mr. Julian Windeyer at the corner of Kerr and Bull Streets, and opened a school on the following day with 50 children. In 1919 they moved to the present site of San Clemente on the corner of Crebert and Havelock Streets. Adjacent properties were
acquired later.

During his 12 years as parish priest, Father McCormack acquired land and provided buildings for church, schools and presbytery and thus laid the foundations of the present progressive parish of Mayfield.

In 1937, Rev. J. R. McNamara became parish priest. Associated with, him have been Revs. M. O'Dwyer (1937), J. Jensen (1939-40), J. Walsh (1941-45), J. Delany (1946-49) and D. Heffernan (1949). The school church in Hanbury Street was erected in 1937. Two years later the foundation stone of St. Columban's new church, fronting Church Street, was laid. The church has a seating accommodation for 1000 worshippers and is unique in its beauty and design of structure - a building of which all citizens of Mayfield can justly be proud.

The Catholic population of St. Columban's Parish Mayfield, is estimated at 4000. Upwards of 700 children of Mayfield are attending Catholic schools, including 200 at High School up to the Leaving standard.

Mayfield schools

Mayfield Schools Small

St Clements Small



St. Clement's Convent, corner of Crebert and Havelock Streets.

An index to the size and importance of any civilised community is the extent to which educational facilities are provided and Mayfield's present needs are met by two large public schools, a Roman Catholic convent and school and a kindergarten.

Mayfield Schools 2 SmallMayfield East School, at the corner of Ingall and Crebert Streets, dates, from the early days of the suburb. Many prominent citizens of today learned their first lessons at the old  Folly School as it used to be called. Today it has its full complement of the children and grandchildren of "the old hands," taught by an efficient staff under the headmastership of Mr. Hill.

More modern, Mayfield West School provides the complete primary educational needs of the children in the far west corner of the suburb. Mr. S. Delves is headmaster.

San Clemente Convent and the Roman Catholic School in Hanbury Street takes care, most efficiently, of the spiritual and educational welfare of the children of that faith.

50 Years of Progress: Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations 1900-1950 Souvenir Booklet. 
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