School Prospectus

The School prospectus circa 1948.  The text is written next to the pictures, which may be clicked on to enlarge and read directly.




"San Clemente"



"San Clemente"

Dominican Convent





Showing corner of Boarding School



The drive into San Clemente



A portion of Fairy Dell


"San Clemente"

A registered secondary school for boarders and day-pupils

Situated at the corner of Crebert and Havelock Streets, the School stands on an elevated site, convenient to bus and tram.

The equipment is modern throughout, having excellent electric light service, including electric bath-heaters, etc., while the spacious class-rooms and dormitories are well-lighted and well ventilated.

The Course of Studies embraces a thorough training in Religious Knowledge, the general School Curriculum, together with Commercial Subjects and Home Science. Candidates are prepared for Public Examinations in all School Subjects as well as those held by the Conservatorium and Trinity College of Music, in Piano, Violin, Singing and Art of Speech.

A qualified teacher is engaged to give instruction in Physical Culture, Sport (including Tennis, Basket-ball, Cricko and Vigoro), and Swimming. Large playing fields are available for the pupils, and Sea-Bathing under special supervision is an attractive feature of the Sports' Programme. During the Summer months pupils are taken each week to the Newcastle Baths, where they receive lessons in Swimming, Life-saving, etc.

FEES (in Pounds, shillings and pence)

Board and Tuition (per Term)   20/0/0
Laundry                                  1/0/0
Medicine                                 2/6
Basket-ball, General Sport       10/6
Tennis (optional)                    1/1/0
Piano, from                            2/2/0
Elocution                               1/1/0
Physical Culture                      7/6

Loan of Text Books charged according to Classes



In the garden at San Clemente



Pasture land at San Clemente



Another view of San Clemente

 Prospectus Crest Small


The school crest in 1948, from the front page of the prospectus.  The motto "Veritas" remains the same today.