"The construction of new classrooms was begun in 1931, the total enrolment then being 315.   By 1932 San Clemente could boast of itself as a Registered Secondary School and advertise 'situation ideal, on the heights of Mayfield, commanding extensive views of the Hunter River and surrounding districts. Classrooms and residential quarters equipped with every modern convenience for the comfort and health of pupils'.   A statue of St. Clement, the gift of Fr. O’Gorman, a former parish priest of East Maitland, was erected in 1938.   This marked the end of a period of material expansion at the convent while the restrictions of the Second World War were in force."

(The establishment of San Clemente Convent by the Order of Nuns and its development to 1939, Ruth Stockdale, [1975?])

In 1937 St. John the Baptist Church in Hanbury Street was established. This was also used as a coeducational school for primary students, and was also known as "Snake Gully" (source). The Sisters from San Clemente Convent taught at San Clemente, the Primary school at St Columbanus (St Columban's) and also St John's Primary school. Sr June Peck attended St John's, and her reminiscences are here.

1930S Postcard


A postcard of San Clemente in the early 1930s, before the statue of St Clement was erected in the niche above the entrance. 

Here is the reverse of the card.

 1930Firstaid Small



1930 or 1931 - First aid class

"The first aid class of the St. Clemente Dominican Convent, Waratah. Miss Lovette Todhunter, who won the Mary Cup for the highest marks in the examination, is seated in the centre, holding the cup. The cup was presented by Mrs Buckley, of Mayfield, wife of the instructor of the class."

(source unknown) 



1930 or 31 - First aid

"A well-bandaged "accident victim," girls of the St. Clemente Dominican Convent, Mayfield, demonstrate their skill at first aid"

(source unknown)





1930 or 31 - First aid

"First aid demonstration by girls of St. Clemente Dominican Convent, Mayfield.  The "patient" has been treated for a broken head, broken leg and crushed chest."

(source unknown) 

1932 Dominican Convent


1932 Advertisement for :

Dominican Convent, "San Clemente," Mayfield (North Waratah)

Registered secondary school for boarders and day-pupils


1933 St Columbans 2Nd Class



St Columbanus' 2nd Class,

Reg Coghlan (who attended Kindergarten at San Clemente in 1931) top right.
All the names are here.
(Photo courtesy of Reg Coghlan)

 1934 Small



A class photograph taken in 1934. 



1935 St Columbuns 3Rd Class



St Columbunus 3rd Class

Reg Coghlan  top row, fifth from left.
All the names are here.
(Photo courtesy of Reg Coghlan)

1937 San Clemente Mayfield Dominican


The School Calendar for 1937
(The Dominican, 1937.)

"May 29th - Witness the screening of a good educational picture at Newcastle"

Before 1938



The school in the late 1930s, but before 1938, when the statue of St. Clement was erected. This photograph shows the newly planted palm trees which are still a prominent feature of the front of the school.

1938 The Dominican Erection Of Statue Link


1938 article in The Dominican about San Clemente and the erection of the statue of St Clement

 Img 0027




The front of the school showing the statue of St. Clement


(this photograph was taken in 1964, San Clemente Archives)

1939 School Notes


School Notes 
(The Dominican, 1939)

"Although the outbreak of war cast a gloom over our country, the children at least found pleasure and quite a new interest in the practice of evacuation in case of possible air raids. First-aid classes were enthusiastically attended. But the seriousness of the situation was forgotten on one occasion when an interested pupil involuntarily gave voice to her natural repugnance for intimate association with these explosives, exclaiming, 'Catch me waiting to put sand on a bomb!'"