The formal assessments for this term are on the linked pages, ordered by the week they are due.  Classroom teachers will give the specific date due as well as explain the task in greater detail in class.

Here is a Glossary of Key Terms. Refer to this in order to ensure that you are doing exactly as the task requires. 

If you feel you require more time to complete the task to the best of your ability please fill in the Extension Request form and submit it to the relevant Teaching and Learning Coordinator (TLC) before the due date. If you are away on a due date, please hand in the task prior to being away, or if your absence wasn’t planned, fill in an Illness and Misadventure form and hand it to the relevant TLC.

If you require help ask your classroom teacher. If you feel this isn’t working please see the TLC. The school Library and Feldt Centre are both great places where you can work on these tasks and get support.

Term 4 Assessment tasks

Year 7 Assessments

Year 8 Assessments

Year 9 Assessments

Year 10 Assessments

Term 4 Assessment Schedules

Year 7 Assessment Schedule

Year 8 Assessment Schedule

Year 9 Assessment Schedule

Year 10 Assessment Schedule

Examination Rules and Procedures

Year 9 and 10 Examination Timetables


Oxford ebooks

Log on to your Oxford account here.

View and download Oxford ebooks as PDF files here.  Log on using your email and school password.



Referencing - what it is and how to do it

How to reference activities - practice your referencing skills with these activities from the University of Sydney

Cite this for me is a web site that quickly and easily gives references for websites and books just by pasting in the URL or ISBN