Student Leadership

“Let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves” (Luke 22:26).

At San Clemente, we feel that we have an obligation to provide valuable and meaningful opportunities for our student leaders, assisting them with their personal growth and in turn, hopefully empowering them to have positive influence over their peers and school community. The school aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. As a Catholic community in the Dominican tradition, our school is committed to empowering students to be true to themselves. While not all students will be formally recognised in leadership roles, we aim to instil in them a strong sense of social justice through servant leadership and service for others. Qualities of presence, humility, compassion and courage are well embedded within the school’s model of leadership.

We feel it is important that the following formal leadership positions within the school are not mere ‘titles’ but they carry with them responsibility and accountability. 


Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team consists of 16 students from Year 10 and it comprises of an equal gender balance. Both staff and students vote and subsequently, four School Captains are elected through a process of speeches to the student body and staff, followed by interviews with the School Executive.


Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council is a fundamental competent of the San Clemente school community. The team has developed over the years to become an important student voice within the school. The team consists of two elected or self-nominated representatives from each Pastoral Care Group. The team meets each fortnight to discuss current school and wider issues, improvements around the school, fundraising events and social justice issues.


More information about this leadership role within the school is provided in the Community tab of the website.


House Leaders

San Clemente has four Sports Houses; Calaroga (red), Siena (yellow), Aquino (blue) and Castille (green). These Houses are linked to our Dominican heritage. The formal role of House Leaders is to attend and help with the general running of school Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. At school assemblies, they assist in reporting back to our students on these events, including acknowledgement of specific achievements through awarding various medals. If needed, they also assist with Year 7 sport, the assembling of sporting equipment and assisting with the facilitation of lunchtime competitions.


Peer Support

Year 10 students have the opportunity of contributing to our Peer Support Program. Peer Support leaders are assigned a small group of Year 7 students of which they will meet with them throughout the year, particularly at the start of Term 1 in the vital transition stage. These meetings can be informal and include events such as barbecues and team games, and they can also be more formal in nature in which they meet during Pastoral Classes and discuss relevant issues. A central aim is to provide another layer of support for our Year 7 students by giving them a key figure, or mentor, in their school lives who will ideally act as someone they can go to for advice, support and also friendship. This relationship is very much a ‘big brother, big sister’ one which is mutually beneficial, as our Year 10 students also gain much from this experience and responsibility.