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Skype a scientist

Skype a scientist

Honolulu Biological Scientist Ms Koehler calls San Clemente

The photograph depicts Year 9 students eagerly waiting for Ms Koehler, a Biological Scientist from Honolulu, Hawaii to answer our video call.

Two of our Year 9 Science classes had an exciting opportunity to skype a Scientist on Friday morning. The skype began with Ms Koehler describing some current research that her team are conducting in Honolulu in relation to bacteria in Squid and its effect on human health. Students were actively engaged, asking questions about her field of study, careers in Science and opportunities that arise from the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Stage 5. Furthermore, they learnt the importance of collaboration in school, the workforce and in the field of research.

We look forward to hopefully communicating with Ms Koehler later this year to allow all of Year 9 to gain this invaluable experience.

Marianne Walsh, Science Teacher

This article was published in the University of Hawaii News, Native squid and its bacterium may help human and environmental health by Kelli Trifonovitch, which expands on this research.